Wycombe Wanderers Concept

Wycombe Wanderers have had some lovely kits over the years, but their last few have been a bit – and I hate this word – meh.

Image result for wycombe wanderers kit

They’re classy team who deserve a classy kit, and while their designs are close to being nice, I put the shortcomings down to the dark blue sections on their shirts.

Obviously I’m not asking Wycombe Wanderers to change their identity, but the team is no stranger to a baby blue/black combination, rather than the dark royal blue with baby blue that we’ve had to endure.

That was my first step, but truth be told, the kit looks boring and needed more.

Building on the quarter design of the current kit – and ignoring the half design of certain previous ones – I thought that along with the colours, the pattern should have similar intersections.

Image result for wycombe wanderers badge

The inspiration for the patterns of course came from the Wycombe crest, with the swan and chain taking centre stage.

Swans fly and swim, obviously, so belonged in the blue quarters, while chains have much darker connotations, so belonged in the opposing black/charcoal sections.


The white details on the kit, with the collar and manufacturer pop and break the shirt up, while the patterns are a slightly darker colour than the sections of the shirt they overlay.



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