RC Strasbourg Alsace Away Concept

Why Strasbourg? Two reasons; I wanted to do an Adidas kit that wasn’t English, and then there’s this cheeky chappy…

Related image

Best holding midfielder of all time.

There’s not an awful lot I can say about this because rather than look to the past – with the team’s history and whatnot – I just wanted to make a cool pattern that would work well as an away kit.

To start, I made a pattern that can be pasted over and over and be able to connect endlessly, and then I went from there.

I won’t drone on. Have a look…


Veeeeery pale colours. Rather than make it look like a white top with a colourful pattern, I wanted it to look more like a colourful top with white panels overlaying it, which is why I continued the design onto the sleeves; something I rarely do.


Everything is toned down on this shirt, with the badge and sponsors being made paler (if the latter would allow that), as well the Adidas logo and stripes.


The design is continuous across the whole shirt, with a wide range of pale, yet piercing colour lying beneath the white.

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