A.C. Pisa 1909 Home Concept

I thought to myself, ‘where’s exactly like Woking?’ and then it dawned on me. Pisa!

Pisa is exactly like Woking in that it has people, some buildings and there’s probably a Pizza Express there. It is Italy, after all.

A.C. Pisa 1909 is the most local club, for obvious reasons, though quite a small one, sitting in 14th place in Serie B at the time of writing. Their biggest local-ish team is most likely Empoli – but only in name as they’re two places below in Serie B – and then Fiorentina.

A.C. Pisa’s kit isn’t disimilar to Inter Milan’s, however they usually have the Cross of Pisa on the centre of their chest.

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Buon Compleanno Gianmarco!!!

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Despite it being right there on the crest…

Was I tempted to make the stripes slanted, very much like the leaning tower? Yeah. Yeah I was. Did I? No. No I didn’t.


Stripes in stripes. Like Inception or something.

The gold accents carry on from the traditional strips and the Pisa Cross comes out of the red shield, to differentiate it from the cross on the crest.


I gambled on the sponsor. Apparently they’re the sponsor some of the time, but not all of the time.

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