Paris FC Home Concept

Not to be confused with Paris Saint Germain, Paris FC are a team in the same city (obviously) but sitting firmly in a relegation battle in the French second league.

You may then be wondering why I would choose to make a kit for them, probably thinking I’m just trying to be a hipster but in reality, it’s far less thoughtful than that.

One player who I’ve been watching since I bought him on Fifa around years ago is Vincent Koziello who, after run of injuries and lack of playing time, went from Nice golden boy, to FC Köln irregular during their promotion season and now to Paris FC loanee.

I sincerely hope all goes well for him and he can help them out of a relegation battle, but in the meantime, they have a pretty lacklustre kit that looks like whatever the team could get cheap in the right colour with their badges stitched on.

You know where this is going. I had a go…


What are they? Little stars?

Sort of, yes, but if you look closer, you’ll see that they’re made out of Eiffel Towers…


The pattern alternates Eiffel Stars (that’s what I’m calling them) with rows of light blue and navy across the front of the shirt, and leaving the sleeves bare.

The shirt is complete with white shoulder and neck panels, as well as a navy trim around the neck and light blue sleeve cuffs.

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