FC St Pauli Away Concept

I got told not to do this shirt by three different people

I should make clear that that’s not because they don’t like St Pauli – you’d be hard pressed to find someone in their right mind who doesn’t respect them in some capacity – but rather they weren’t sold on the pattern.

Nonetheless I really like it (I think it’s my favourite design so far) and I think it suits FC St Pauli quite a lot.

A decidedly leftwing team and community surrounding it, St Pauli already have to contend with having a brown home kit and while their away strip is traditionally white, away kit colours are never really set in stone.

Their current one made my Under Armour is really terrible. I mean most kits made by Under Armour are, but this one really takes the piss…

Image result for fc st pauli away shirt

I get where they’re coming from with the design, but this honestly looks like a notebook I had when I was eleven.

And then there’s this one…

Image result for fc st pauli away shirt

Really bad. I fully intend to buy an FC St Pauli shirt at some point, but only when they’re no longer manufactured by Under Armour.

That’s why I made mine with Adidas…


I’m not doing anything weird with the collar – something Under Armour seem utterly enamoured with – and the pattern is something completely different to what the rest of Bundesliga 2 has to offer.


I removed the red from the badge, creating a clear panel (it clashed too much before) while, as you can see, the pattern is made from a patchwork oversized pixels that I saved as a PNG24 until they made something cool. I then repeated them over and over and changed the colours around.

These were the original pictures…

If you were wondering what those pictures were initially of, they were a picture of my mum’s face.

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