Leeds United Away Concept

Currently people actually like Leeds a bit.

Bielsa’s an enjoyable coach – unless you’re Eddie Nketiah – and there’s something of the plucky underdogs about them this season.

In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth and give them two seasons in the top flight and everyone will want them out of the Premier League again.

Currently with kits made by Kappa, Leeds United are moving to Adidas next season, which could see them in the Premier League, and as we know, Adidas are a lot more adventurous than Kappa with their designs.

Their current away kit looks like this…

Image result for leeds away kit 19/20

It’s fine, but a colour combination that’s been done to death; black/grey/charcoal with hints of shocking pink.

With that, I thought I’d make them an Adidas kit that featured their secondary and tertiary colours…


You may be thinking that Save the Children isn’t Leeds’ sponsor, but from now whenever I design a kit for a team with a betting company sponsor, I’m going to replace it with a charity. This also extend to other nefarious companies.


Dynamic and progressive, like Leeds under Bielsa.


Blue and yellow, like their badge.

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