Barrow AFC Home

From Brazil to Barrow. You can’t say I’m not inclusive.

I won’t lie; I wish I could say that I chose Barrow because my knowledge of non-league football is second-to-none, but in truth, I read an article on the Athletic about them.

Now, this isn’t an advert for the Athletic – I’m one of two football-based websites not sponsored by them – but the article spoke about how Barrow AFC were your standard, run-of-the-mill boring, uninspiring grassroots team who played route-one football.

Things changed though when Ian Evatt became the manager and he got them playing pretty, technical, passing football. With that, they currently have the nickname “Barrowcelona” and are top of the table, looking to be promoted to league football fairly soon.

I respect that a lot and a nice team deserves a nice kit. This is their current one…

Image result for barrow afc kit

…which is fine, but here’s the one I made…


It’s more simple, more classic, the sponsor has been taken out of the eyesore of a textbox and some nice black details break it up.

On top of that, as Barrow have a bee and an arrow on their crest (because Barrow sounds a bit like “bee-arrow” (genuinely)) I made a bee-arrow pattern to appear on the blue panels…


Can’t wait to see Barrow play *does some Googling* Bradford City next season!

One reply to “Barrow AFC Home

  1. The Barrow kit is one of my favourites and speaking of Bradford City, I would like to see a kit for them from you, I love the kits you have done so far


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