Peterborough United Home Concept

The Posh. I like that nickname so I’m making a home shirt for Peterborough United, who look like that may be getting promoted to the Championship next season if all goes to plan and playoffs are kind.

Why are Peterborough United nicknamed The Posh? Back when they were starting off 99 years ago – as Fletton United – manager Pat Tirrell said that he was “looking for posh players for a posh new team.” It stuck.

The current kit for The Posh is essentially a plain blue tee with the necessary football team accoutrement, i.e. a crest, manufacturer,  and sponsor.

Image result for peterborough united kit

It’s alright, if not a bit boring and my god, old Mick George is no graphic designer, is he?

With that, I built on the moniker of ‘The Posh’ and made a kit around that…


Marble sleeves (marble’s posh) and a fancy collar (fancy collars are posh).


I also found a different logo for Mick George which, technically, is still relevant to the company who I looked up and apparently deal in aggregate supply, waste management, concrete, earthworks, demolition & more.

A bit of everything from Mick there. Good on him.

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